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Something new

23rd September 2018by Centred Counselling0News

Something new

23rd September 2018 by Centred Counselling0

Blogging, well this is something new to me and I am aware I approach it nervously with keyboard at arms length. I only have to look on my phone or internet to see that for many people it is an everyday event, rest assured I don’t think I will be keeping up with them.

I do welcome a space though, whereby I can post information that I think might be useful to people, and also perhaps share a little of who I am in the process. So my first nugget to share with you is this little known website The Big White Wall.

This website offers support to people struggling with mental health difficulties, it offers a virtual community where people share and support each other. There are short courses that you can enrol on and counsellors that you can engage with. In particular there is a space for when you cant find the words, in this space you can use design tools to create a ‘brick’ to represent how things are for you, or just to let some of it out.

This service is FREE to families that have a relative that have served in the forces, and also free in certain parts of the country, and now linked to some Universities. If you don’t fit into these categories you could subscribe in order to use its services.

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