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There’s a lot of useful information in the media recently about how diet can impact our physical health, hardly a week goes by without another study being published. In comparison, however, there have been fewer articles highlighting the benefits of good nutrition on mental health.


Deciding whether you would benefit from counselling can be a difficult decision, remind yourself that you can stop at any point, it isn’t something you have to do if you don’t want to, or for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s just about giving yourself a little bit of space and quality time to catch up with yourself, consider what isn’t feeling ok, and move through that to a happier place and way of being.


Most people have a sleep/wake cycle, also knows as a circadian rhythm, it is the way that our bodies monitor our environment in order to indicate internally when it is time carry out particular tasks, such as hormone release, eating habits and digestion. Circadian rhythm changes throughout life and is often not noticed until for whatever reason, the sleep pattern is disrupted.


Anxiety can be a mixture of feelings such as apprehension, fear, agitation, nervousness, tension, stress, and foreboding. Everyone experiences anxiety at some time in their lives, especially when faced with new or unknown experiences such as exams, new job/school, being ill, meeting new people.


We are passionate about helping people live happier and more rewarding lives. Our BACP registered counsellors are ready to listen.

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